A Letter from John Meador - October 4, 2019

A Letter from John Meador - October 4, 2019

10.04.19 | by John Meador

    Dear Friends,

    Greetings from Cross City Church! Much is happening behind the scenes right now, and in a few weeks, we’ll have a huge new reveal about the building plans—so look for it to roll out on November 3. I have loved working with our architects and builders in the background, along with our Euless Campus Team, to help us move from schematic drawings to increasingly completed plans. You’re going to want to see them on November 3. We’ve had early conversations with key investors, and it’s been so encouraging to hear how they are ready to lead the way. I feel the momentum beginning to grow.

    More immediately, I want to rally you towards a special day on October 20 called “All-In Day.” I’m calling on everyone who is a part of Cross City to clear their schedules and be present in Connection Groups and Worship. Here’s what I’m asking of our entire church:

    First, it’s a day for us to rally together for prayer and dedication. With all that happens around us, the priority of worship, prayer, and giving sometimes gets lost in the chatter. God deserves so much more than we often are willing to give. This one day, October 20, let’s BE COUNTED and BE PRESENT. We’ll launch a new series that day in worship that will challenge us in crucial ways.

    I’m also calling on all (100%) of us to bring an offering. No matter what amount you may give on that day, it’s crucial to get in the practice of being “all-in” with giving as a congregation. Let’s not let 20% of the people give 80% of the offerings—let’s let 100% give 100%. From preschoolers through all generations, let’s make this a 100% day of giving to God. When we all give, we all make a difference. On that day, let’s see it for ourselves.

    Let’s be “all-in” with inviting others to attend with us, and with having a Kingdom Conversation with someone that week. Use words like, “You should come to church with me on October 20!” Make it easy for them by saying, “I’d like you to sit with me.” Do you know what would happen if we were “all-in” with Kingdom Conversations and all brought someone with us? It’ll be a fantastic day! I see increasing evidence that you’re doing this weekly...let’s all do it on that day!

    October 20 is the day that our new Student Minister, Matt Stephens, and his wife, Rachel, arrive at Cross City. I know the Student Ministry will be working hard to fill The City and then the Worship Center with students who will want to meet Matt. We’re all going to want to see his ministry start well that day.

    Finally, on October 20, our church picnic takes place from 5-7 pm at Campus West. Our Connection Groups set up some fantastic feasts, and we have an incredible time of fellowship—the old-fashioned way. There’s something timeless about hanging out with each other and meeting fellow worshipers.

    It’s a huge day, and I cannot wait. All present, bringing a friend, giving, and fellowshipping together. It’s the best way to celebrate a Sunday, and it’s a great way to honor the Lord. 

    10,000 Blessings,

    John Meador
    Lead Pastor