AnyOne Camp Scholarship Fund

AnyOne Camp Scholarship Fund



    Every year, kids and students make life-changing decisions at camp. There is simply nothing else like it—a unique experience where the next generation can get away from everyday distractions and be surrounded by reminders of God's plan for their lives. We've seen lives changed for many years, and we're looking forward to seeing how God impacts people this summer!  

    Many who registered for M3 Student Camp and Kids Camp have also applied for scholarships. Among them are Current Cross City families, as well as their friends who don't usually attend church. Your gift to the AnyOne Camp Scholarship fund can help ensure that camp is open to ANYONE who wants to participate and that NO ONE is left behind because they can't afford it.

    Prayerfully consider how your gift to the AnyOne Fund can make a big difference for our kids and students! ANY amount helps the cause. M3 Camp for Students is $495, and Kids Camp is $260. You can get started by clicking the link below, and you can also give through your Connection Group. Thanks for investing in the next generation.

    Here's what will happen when you donate.

    1) Your donation will be placed in the general AnyOne Camp Scholarship Fund

    2) Our staff team will evaluate the scholarship applications

    3) Scholarships will be disbursed based on need and available funds

    4) Any remaining funds will stay in the AnyOne Fund for next year's camps, including our Student Winter Camp/Retreat event

    Give to the AnyOne Camp Scholarship Fund