Cross City Foundation

Cross City Foundation

03.19.24 | Stories | by John Meador

    Dear Friends,

    In 2003, we established the Cross City Foundation, a dedicated entity created to ensure our church community's long-term sustainability and growth. The Cross City Foundation also gives our members access to counsel on estate planning and giving. The Foundation, whose leadership is comprised of the chairpersons of our church committees and our esteemed church trustees, serves a crucial role in securing funding to meet future needs and support the ongoing mission of our church.

    We are deeply grateful for God's faithfulness in providing for us at Cross City, and we recognize the importance of stewardship in ensuring that His work continues to thrive for generations to come. Many of our members have expressed a desire to leave a lasting legacy reflecting their trust in God and commitment to advancing the gospel until Christ's return.

    To assist our members in this endeavor, the Foundation has partnered with PhilanthroCorp, a reputable third-party organization specializing in estate planning and charitable giving. Through this partnership, our members can access expert counsel and guidance at no cost. PhilanthroCorp does not receive any portion of your designated giving. You can learn more about PhilanthroCorp and its services here.

    Significant commitments have been made that will enable us to address key needs within our church and support gospel initiatives for decades to come. Prayerfully consider how you can make a long-term investment in God's Kingdom through the Foundation, and thank you for your continued support and commitment to our church's mission!

    10,000 Blessings,

    John Meador
    Lead Pastor

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