Deacon Nominations

Deacon Nominations


    Deacon Responsibilities

    Deacons serve the church and staff by working in small teams with staff members to pursue key spiritual goals and objectives. They also oversee our widow ministry and the service of communion. In addition, each deacon must be involved, active in leadership elsewhere in the church, financially faithful, and in alignment with our pastor and church purposes. Together, deacons and staff comprise a large team of faithful, dedicated leaders, eager to advance the gospel and grow the health of the church.

    Qualifications of a Deacon

    Specific Scripture references in 1 Timothy 3:8-13 and Acts 6:1-6 form the basis for the following list of characteristics desired in a deacon:


    He must be above reproach and maintain a good reputation. He must be a balanced person of integrity who is not given to extremes; not quick-tempered and not ensnared by addictive behavior. He should be respected, friendly, and faithful; a servant who is not hesitant to meet the needs of the people.


    He must manage his own household well. If married, he must be faithful and dedicated to his wife as a “one-woman man.” If he has children, he must be dedicated to seeing that they become obedient and respectful followers of Christ. His wife should also be balanced and faithful.


    Our deacons are not a controlling board, but a servant ministry that functions biblically. He must already be a servant leader, serving in a humble manner, and putting others’ interests ahead of his own. He should be one who is stable spiritually and who is able to serve with a clear conscience. His primary avenues of service as a deacon will be prayer support to our staff, giving a clear example to the church, active attendance at meetings, and meeting the needs of widows and others as they arise.

    Note: If a person you nominate is not put before the congregation, it may be because he has removed his name for reasons unknown to you or it may be that the deacon selection committee has deemed he is not qualified at this time to be a deacon. Therefore it would be best for you not to approach the person about the process once you have submitted his name. 

    Active Deacons at Cross City

    AJ Molina

    Alex Haecker

    Allen Beghtel

    Andrew Schulz

    Angel Colon

    Bobby Hammond

    Brian Vinson

    Chuck Anderson

    Clay Steelman

    Dale Cato

    Davin Ingram

    David Rawles

    David Tromanhauser

    Dick Chester

    Don O'Neal

    Eddie Price

    Gary Armold

    Gary Stowe

    Greg Garcia

    Greg Miller

    Hunter Taylor

    Jerry Faughtenberry

    Joe Bledsoe

    Joe Huang

    Ken Murph

    Kevin Dearing

    Kyle Morse

    Len Robertson

    Lloyd Parnell

    Mike May

    Raymond Tucker

    Rick Shatford

    Robert Scott

    Ryan O'Shield

    Steve Lamar

    Terry Rodges

    Tim Alba

    Todd Hedgcoth

    Tompas Campos

    *Cross City has several deacons who have been ordained but are not currently serving. Deacons serve a three-year term and then rotate off for at least a year. Those who have rotated off are not listed above and are eligible for renomination this year.

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