From Pastor John Meador - Presenting Chris Muckleroy

From Pastor John Meador - Presenting Chris Muckleroy

10.17.19 | by John Meador

    Dear Josh,
    As you know, Tim Alba has informed us that he plans to step down before Christmas to deal with some lingering health issues. Because Tim is so gracious, he’s offered to help with the transition to a new leader. We asked God to bless us with someone who was uniquely prepared by God for the role. That’s exactly what God did. 
    After a focused search, the Personnel Committee unanimously recommended that we bring Chris Muckleroy in view of a call. On October 27, we will present Chris as the prospective Senior Associate Pastor of Finance and Administration. Chris and Emily are active in our congregation. In more than 13 years of membership, Chris has served as a deacon, kids teacher, committee member, and in a host of other roles. Emily serves with our Worship Ministry, and they have three precious kids. 
    I’m truly excited! Chris is one of us, and he believes in our mission and future. As a highly qualified financial professional with strong experience, he hits the key markers of this role. Chris will be able to join the team soon, and we will be able to make this handoff smoothly at a crucial time in our church life. 

    If you don’t already know Chris, we can’t wait for you to meet him. We’re asking Chris to be at the welcome tent at our picnic this Sunday evening. On Sunday, October 27, he’ll be available in the Guest Reception Room from 9:30-10:45. Also, on October 27, we will ask the congregation to affirm him at the conclusion of the 8:30 am Service in the Chapel and the 11 am Service in the Worship Center. To read more about him and his family, visit 
    We’re blessed to have an exceptional candidate for this job. Pray for Chris and his family, and if you haven’t met Chris, stop by and say hello this Sunday or next. I can’t wait to see how God uses him at Cross City - great days are ahead!

    10,000 Blessings,

    John Meador
    Lead Pastor