Standing on Shoulders

Standing on Shoulders

02.02.20 | by John Meador

    Sunday, we kicked off the Generations Series with a message that helped us remember who we are. For 116 years, our people have focused on reaching others with the hope that Christ offers. Today, we're building on those foundations. Dr. Jimmy Draper says, "The debt we owe past generations is to leave future generations indebted to us." In many ways, this is the heart of the Generations Project—preparing to reach future generations.  

    Pastor John Meador has recorded a series of short videos that supplement the Generations messages. Take a few minutes and watch as Pastor talks about how we're building on the past to reach people in the future. Much has changed in our church, but the heart of our people has remained the same. We still want to lead all people to follow Jesus.  

    Join us on Sunday as we continue the Generations Series. This week, we'll talk about how the motive of reaching all people gives us purpose. As believers in Christ, we have a message of hope that the 1.4 million people that live near us need to hear! We're preparing for how we'll do this for years to come!

    If you missed Dr. Draper's message from Sunday, watch it here.