What’s Next for North

What’s Next for North



    Celebrating 3 Years with Big News

    We’re celebrating three years of Cross City North with some big news! From the time we’ve launched our satellite campus north of Fort Worth, we’ve been mobile. Every week, a selfless team of volunteers meets early on Sunday morning to transform a facility into a church. Their tireless efforts have made the last three years possible.

    A Catalyst Gift

    Even before the North Campus held their first service, we were praying that God would provide a place we could call home, expand our ministry, and better reach the rapidly growing community. Now, we’re taking an important first step toward that vision. Cross City has received a gift of two million dollars designated for the North Campus to help us secure a permanent location.

    A New Journey Begins

    The blessing of this catalyst gift allows us to begin to search for that location right away. However, this is only the beginning of our journey. It will take all of us to make this vision a reality. In the coming days, more of the vision will be revealed, and we’ll be invited to join in giving. Begin praying about how you can be a part of what’s next for Cross City North. 

    The North Campus Team

    When we were considering launching this campus, we formed a team of people from both Euless and North campuses to help guide the process. We’ve gathered that team again, along with a few others to help us through this journey, and we’ll keep you up to date along the way. This campus that began three years ago still has the same vision. Now, we’ll take the next steps to have an even stronger presence and an even greater impact for the Kingdom.


    Are we pursuing land or an existing building?

    Both options would be considered. Pursuing land sets the stage for constructing a building that addresses the specific needs of the North Campus. Finding an existing building could potentially expedite the process. Cost, location, existing condition, and size of the property will all be critical factors.

    What location are we targeting?

    In keeping with our goal to reach people “North of Fort Worth,” we are prayerfully considering locations near the rapidly growing area generally centered around Texas Motor Speedway. Many factors will be considered in choosing the location, and decisions will be made in consultation with the North Campus Team.

    Who is the North Campus Team?

    The team is a group of people who will help guide the process of determining next steps for the North Campus. Team members are made up of both Euless and North campus members, many of whom have served on the North Campus Team (known as the “Satellite Team”) who helped guide the campus launch more than three years ago. Others subject-matter experts in different relevant fields, such as real estate and construction, will be asked to join the team as well.

    How much land do we need, and how much will it cost?

    While land varies dramatically in price based on location, size, and many other variables, our North Campus Team along with real estate experts will help inform to inform that decision.

    Are we using any outside representatives?

    We will use Wayne Burgdorf with SVN Reality. Wayne represented the Church through the sale of Campus West. He was very helpful In partnering with the Church to facilitate that sale. We look forward to working with him on this project as well.

    What are the next steps?

    The North Campus team will begin regular meetings and a team will begin to work directly with real estate representatives to search for property. While that search continues, plans for the future will continue to form. Updates will be given to the church through the process.

    What’s my part?

    As always, we ask you to pray for God’s wisdom and blessing in this new pursuit. Prayerfully consider how you will give to help the North Campus pursue the vison of a permanent location.