Equip Classes

Equip | Fall 2022 | Christianity 101 | Wed pm

Time | Wednesday Evening

Location | 1000 W Airport Fwy Euless, TX 76039

Leader | Philip Tiemann

Childcare | Yes

Wednesdays | Sept. 28 - Nov. 2 | 6:30 - 8:00pm | Room 380 | Philip Tiemann

Christianity 101 puts the Bible and the Christian faith on the bottom shelf in an easy-to-understand short 6-week course with a take home notebook.
It doesn't matter how much you already know or don't know, when you complete this course, you will know more about the Christian faith.
It is a safe environment as you will never be called on to read or answer questions.
Most importantly, this is not a Baptist or any other denomination thing, it is a Bible thing.
You will get a notebook. No cost. These are the 6 lessons that will come in the notebook.1) The Bible Explained 2) The Old Testament Explained 3) The New Testament Explained 4) How to Study the Bible 5) The Message of the Bible 6) How to Grow in your Faith

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