Equip Classes

*Equip | Summer 2022 | Financial Peace Virtual

Time | Thursday Evening

Location | Begins July 21st , via Zoom

Leader | Mike Huber

Childcare | No

Thursdays • July 21 - September 15 • 7:15 PM • Via Zoom

Join the millions who never have to worry about money again!

Financial Peace University is the course that helps make money simple by giving you a proven plan you can actually follow. It gets back to God's and grandma's ways of handling money—the simple, commonsense ways—so you can make your money work for you, become debt-free, and change your life for good.

Financial Peace is a nine-lesson course that teaches you he proven, step-by-step plan, called the 7 Baby Steps, to make real progress with your finances. You'll learn how to save for emergencies, pay off debt fast, spend wisely, and invest for your future. For over 25 years, Dave Ramsey's been teaching commonsense, biblical money principles that work. Every time.

You CAN get there. You just need a plan that works. Take the class that's helped 6 million people learn the right way to handle their money.

This is a FPU Virtual class. We'll watch the video lessons on our own, then meet online to do the activities and discussion questions.

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