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    Do Good

    11.16.19 | Stories

    Help Pay Medical Debt Let's do some good together! Our mission at Cross City Church is to lead all people to follow Jesus! One way to do this is to take advantage of every opportunity to do good to every person we can! (Galatians 6:10) As we...

      From Unbearable to Unconditional

      10.10.19 | Stories

      Born with cerebral palsy, Chris Dorsett has spent much of his life trying to find acceptance. Now, he and his wife Amber have finally found a home at Cross City.

        The War at Home

        09.04.19 | Stories

        In the spring of 2004, Chris Casey laid awake, broken, and helpless in an abandoned apartment building in Iraq. Though he was physically unhurt, his life seemed to be falling apart.

          A New Purpose

          08.01.19 | Stories

          The odds were stacked against Trai, but he didn't let his circumstance outweigh God's plan for his life.

            More than Empty Religion

            07.11.19 | Stories

            Raised in China, the odds were stacked against Lisa hearing the Gospel at all, much less coming to know Christ. Yet, God found a way to cover her in grace in times of tragedy.

              Facing Tragedy, Experiencing a Miracle

              06.02.19 | Stories

              In 2017, Chris and Emily Muckleroy needed a miracle. They knew that every moment mattered to Caroline’s survival. Unwilling to wait for an ambulance, Chris scooped up his 5-year-old daughter, ran to their car, and sped to the nearby fire station...

              Mimi's Story

              05.12.19 | Stories

              Mimi was a Buddhist, but she discovered that Jesus was the One and Only. This is her story of courage, sacrifice, and how God was with her through it all.