Preschool Ministry

Fun on Purpose!

Preschoolers have great fun at Cross City Church! Kids from birth through kindergarten receive VIP treatment from the moment they arrive. There is no one more important than the next generation, which is why Cross City provides much more than childcare. Each time your child joins us on a Sunday morning, they will have time to play and time to learn in a fun, engaging way. Our preschool staff and volunteers are driven by the fact that the real hope that Christ offers is for everyone, and that it's never too soon to show a child how much God loves them.

Safety a Top Priority

Safety is a top priority for us. We make every effort to ensure that our facilities are safe for your kids and use a check-in system to ensure that only the person who drops off your children can pick them up. If you are coming for the first time, we have kind volunteers who can help you get checked-in—just stop by any Guest Central location.




Kari Brimacombe

Kids Minister

Alice Norwood

Preschool Ministry Assistant

office: 817.540.7414

Lisa Tuma

Preschool Ministry Associate

Kimlyn Nichols

Preschool Resource Coordinator

office: 817.540.7419

Letty Erfurt

Childcare Coordinator


Every week, an army of volunteers make sure that preschoolers are welcomed, cared for, and are learning how much God loves them.  Want to join the team?