Single Adults


Singles Matter at Cross City!

There are more single adults in our country than ever before in history! We are students, business owners, parents, professors, and so much more. In a time when single adults are everywhere (over 50% between the ages of 18-50), having a family of friends to experience life with is so important.

Come Join Our Family

The Singles Ministry at Cross City is all about creating environments where people are connecting relationally, growing spiritually, and serving together. Regardless of where you are in life, there is a place for you here. Through Connection Groups, events, service projects, mentoring and more, you can stay rooted in your faith as you continue to grow with others.

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PJ Dunn

Interim Singles Pastor

Tara O'Shields

Executive Assistant to Todd Parr and Adult 1


We believe that strong leaders push our ministries forward and that a big step in the life of a believer is the step to serve. Are you interested in serving?