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We Are Back with 10’ Distancing and Zero Contact!

First Fitness has been ministering to the physical, as well as spiritual needs of local families since 1998 at Cross City!! Though the average student is 8 to 12 years old, the class is made up of students from 5 to 65. It is a fun way to get plenty of exercise in an environment that seeks to honor God and teach respect for others. The tenets of CMA are Courtesy, Humility, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control and Indomitable spirit. Students learn fundamentals of self-defense, balance, flexibility, practice, and repetition. We encourage progress through belt promotions, but each student is only in competition with himself to advance. We have sparring nights, optional board breaking, tournaments and special events. If you are looking for a great family activity, you've found it! 

Taekwondo classes meet throughout the week and are available for every age and skill level. If you are looking for a new way to challenge and discipline your body, consider Taekwondo! It is a great and fun way to get in shape and improve strength.

Sessions meet:
Monday & Thurs | 6-7:30 pm (Family class – All ages)
Saturday | 10 am-12 pm (Family class – All ages) 

Location | Campus West Room 102 
Cost | $25/month (but don’t let that keep you from coming!)

To sign up download and fill out this registration form!

Boot Camp workouts consist of simple movements executed at high intensity which engages the entire body for improved strength, definition, cardiovascular endurance, and self-confidence. This course is challenging, but there is a place for all ages and fitness levels whether you're a beginner or an athlete. Bring your dumbbells, a hand towel, water, running shoes, and non-restrictive workout clothing.

Sessions meet:
Monday & Thursday | 7:45–8:30 pm 
Saturday | 9-9:45 am
Location | Campus West Room 102
Cost | FREE! (but donations provide accountability and equipment!)

Register for a class by sending an email to Stephanie Snodgrass at  .


Are you looking for a basic self-defense martial art? Join us for Jiu-jitsu!

Sessions meet:
Thursdays | 5:15-6 pm 
Location | Campus West Room 102
Cost | FREE

Come by anytime to check us out for as long as you'd like to decide if this is for you. 

Register for a class by sending an email to Frank Sapp at  .


This is a 15 lesson self-defense course based on Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. By completing this class you can earn a Pink Belt from Gracie University, but even more importantly, you will be equipped to defend yourself from physical attack. This is not sport Jiu-jitsu or Taekwondo. It is street self-defense. Not a 2 hour course on escapes and groin kicks. An actual step by step hands on process of stopping a would-be attacker. There is no cost to this, and no special uniforms to wear. There are several free lessons online at that you can watch to help you pick it up quicker, and you can also look for videos on YouTube to see other women who have completed the course.

Sessions Meet:
Sessions Meet: SPRING and FALL Sessions
Register for a class by sending email to Richard Garner at


For More Info & Registration:

Contact Richard Garner |   | 817.706.2893