Plan your Wedding at Cross City

Your Wedding at Cross City

Cross City Church is delighted to extend assistance to you in planning your ceremony and making your wedding day a joyous and memorable occasion!

You are guaranteed to receive practical, as well as informational, guidelines while preparing the many details that must be planned prior to the “big day.”  We will be available to assist you with the final plans for your wedding rehearsal, wedding ceremony and wedding reception.

We also offer great resources to help you prepare to spend forever together.  Start by checking out the Nearly Newlyweds class, which will help you build a lasting, loving foundation. The class is also recognized as a Twogether in Texas approved course that can save you $60 on your marriage license

It is our goal that you enjoy this special time of planning and preparation.  It is our privilege to walk alongside you and encourage you during this important, life-changing event.  May you experience God’s richest blessing as you begin your journey!


Weddings and reception may be scheduled in a variety of locations on our main campus.  Each area utilizes different arrangements depending upon the expected guest attendance and your selected wedding and reception packages.

Click here for a complete list of capacities and fees.

Scheduling Procedures

Please contact Pam Hill at  , or call directly at 817.267.3313 9-5pm. She will assist you in setting up an appointment to view the various locations at Cross City and discuss a time and date for your ceremony and reception. Every effort will be made to schedule your wedding on the date you desire. However, due to on-going church-wide conflicts, we suggest that you have several options in mind.

We will also assist you with the process of securing your date on the calendar after you have viewed the facility and made the decision to move forward in planning your ceremony at Cross City. A $100 deposit will be required to process this calendar request. This deposit will apply directly to your facilities fee. 

Any additional questions? Click here for FAQ's

View our full Wedding Policies here.


Locations and Fees

Weddings and reception may be scheduled in a variety of locations on our main campus of Cross City. Each area utilizes different arrangements depending upon the expected guest attendance and your selected wedding and reception packages.






Worship Center



The Chapel



Room 125



Room 100



Guest Reception Room












Worship Center Foyer



Chapel Foyer



Total payment of wedding, reception, and minister fee to be paid two weeks prior to wedding date.

The fees cover:

Wedding coordinator to facilitate wedding rehearsal and wedding ceremony
Basic wedding accessory package
Facilities for the wedding
Facilities for the rehearsal
Lighting and sound technician
Facilities personnel
Administrative cost

*To qualify for booking a wedding as a member, you must be an active member on the church roster for a minimum of three months prior to the date of your request.  The bride, groom, or parents of the bride or groom may book a facility.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you have to be a member to have a wedding at Cross City?

A. Members or children of members may schedule a wedding at Cross City. To qualify for booking as a member, you must have been on the church roster a minimum of 3 months prior to the date of your request.

Q. How far in advance can you schedule a wedding at Cross City?

A. Due to the vast number of events that take place in our church, we can not take reservations for the facilities more than twelve months in advance.  We do not keep a waiting list or submit a calendar request any earlier than twelve months before the desired date of your wedding.

Q. How do you schedule a wedding at Cross City?

A. To schedule a wedding at Cross City for 2019, contact the wedding coordinator, Pam Hill, at 817.267.3313 or via email at  .

Q. Can you have a minister who is not on staff at Cross City to officiate the ceremony?

A. We do permit ministers who are not on staff at Cross City to officiate wedding ceremonies.  All outside ministers must be evangelical ordained ministers of like faith and practice.  A minister who is not on Cross City staff will be reviewed for approval.

Q. What days can weddings take place at Cross City?

A. The Wedding Ministry will make every effort to accommodate your desired wedding date, however, weddings may not be scheduled on Sunday, Wednesday or holiday weekends.

Q. Can you have a reception at Cross City following your wedding ceremony?

A. Yes.  There are several areas that are wonderful for wedding receptions.  

Q. Do you have music policies for wedding ceremonies?

A. Yes. All music used during the ceremony and reception should glorify and honor God.

Q. Does Cross City allow brides to schedule bridal portrait sittings in the chapel or other surrounding areas of the church?

A. Yes. Cross City will be flexible in accommodating a bridal portrait sitting by appointment only and in the event it does not conflict with daily church operations or regularly scheduled events.

Q. Does Cross City require couples to take a class or complete marital counseling prior to the date of their wedding? 

A. The staff and ministers of Cross City strongly recommend that each couple takes advantage of the opportunities offered through the Nearly Newlyweds class

Wedding Policies


  • Weddings are not permitted to be scheduled more than twelve months in advance. To qualify for booking, you must have been a member on the church roster for at least three months prior to the booking.
  • Weddings may not be scheduled later than 7:00 p.m. and receptions may not last later than 10:00 p.m. Rehearsals and any rehearsal dinners at the church facility may not last later than 10:00 p.m.
  • Weddings and rehearsals may not be scheduled on Wednesdays, Sundays, or holiday weekends. Holiday weekends are as follows: New Year’s, Good Friday, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Fees and Facility Usage

  • A deposit of $100 is required to process a calendar request. This deposit is refundable if the wedding is cancelled within sixty (60) days of the date due to extenuating circumstances or family emergencies.

  • All wedding fees may be broken into three payments, the first being the initial $100 deposit.

  • An additional fee of $200 will be required for the installment of the draping and chandelier in the chapel for the wedding ceremony.

  • The bridal party will have access to the bride’s room and groom’s dressing room on the main campus.

    An additional $75 fee will be charged for any other classroom used prior to the wedding.

  • If the Worship Center is scheduled, all orchestra equipment, choir loft chairs and greenery will remain on the platform in the present location. Only the pulpit, guest chairs, and rug may be removed.

  • A $200 catering fee will be charged for the use of an outside caterer.


  • All scheduled rooms will be available at an arranged time with the Hospitality Director.

  • All flowers and decorations must be removed from the building as soon as possible following the ceremony and pictures in order to facilitate set up for Sunday morning services. The reception and clean up must be completed by 10:00 p.m.


  • The rehearsal is usually scheduled for one and one-half hours on the evening prior to the wedding.

  • It is very important that ALL members of your wedding party attend the rehearsal and arrive on time.

  • Your vocalist(s) should schedule additional rehearsal time other than during the wedding rehearsal.

Do's and Don'ts

  • All members of the bridal party and wedding guests must treat our facility with reverence and respect.

  • Inappropriate dress, language, or behavior will be prohibited.

  • Dancing is prohibited at the wedding and reception.

  • Only birdseed and bubbles may be used at the bride and groom’s departure.

  • Only silk flower petals are allowed for the wedding ceremony.

  • Only dripless candles are permitted.

Final Checklist

  • Approval from minister performing the ceremony

  • Music approval

  • Caterer/florist/photographer/videographer statements on file

  • All fees paid

  • Wedding worksheet complete and ready for rehearsal

Cross City Church believes that marriage has been instituted and ordained by God and is defined as the uniting of one man and one woman in covenant commitment for a lifetime. It is God’s unique gift to reveal the union between Christ and His Church and to provide for the man and the woman in marriage the framework for intimate companionship, the channel of sexual expression according to biblical standards, and the means for procreation of the human race. (Genesis 2:24; Matthew 19:4-6). Our church holds to the full doctrinal statement of the Baptist Faith and Message (2000).