We're Becoming Cross City Church

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A Rich History

The name “First Euless" has a strong meaning and a rich history.  We have a longstanding reputation of preaching the Bible and reaching people. It’s a church where many grew up, trusted Christ, and have served as faithful members for years.   

An Even Bigger Calling

As God called us to expand beyond our city and start a satellite, we are working hard to launch it with the same heart for the Bible and passion for changed lives that First Euless has been built upon for over a century. However, we found it difficult to export the name "First Euless" simply because it is tied to a single physical location. As we become one church with multiple locations, we need a name that unifies our church without being tied to any one place on a map.  

The Umbrella Name

We found the answer in the concept of an umbrella name of Cross City Church. This “umbrella name” is one that can apply to multiple locations while still preserving a unique title tied to a location. Other churches with multiple campuses have successfully taken a similar approach. This concept has the unique ability to unify multiple campuses while preserving what’s unique about each. In the graphics below, you can see what this looks like for our two separate locations.


How Did We Select an Umbrella Name?

The process started by bringing in a partner in ministry that has helped us in the past—AM design. They were very thorough in their research which involved staff, members, non-members, and non-believers to help determine a name that would speak to as many as possible and would best equip us to reach people. After considering the options, looking at the research, and spending time in prayer, we landed on the name Cross City Church. You can read more about that process in the FAQs here

Launch Date

We'll begin transitioning to the name now, and will adopt it fully on January 6.