Safety Measures

Reopening plans and how we're keeping each other safe

Welcome Back Preschool and Kids Ministry!

We have some exciting news! Starting August 16 during the 11 am service, newborns through kids entering sixth grade are invited to rejoin us for ministry on the Euless Campus. Our NextGen team has spent a long time preparing for this day, and can't wait to see you and your kids once again!

Soon, we'll open registration and share an expanded list of how we'll keep each other safe. This is just another step in our continuing process of reopening in-person ministries, and more exciting days are right around the corner! Remember that as on-campus ministry expands, worshiping from home will remain an option. We're in this together—no matter where we are!

Week after week, the people of Cross City continue to prove their commitment to the Lord. Let's all remain faithful and stay tuned. God has big things in store for us!


Current Safety Measures

Note: Soon, these measures will be updated to reflect the upcoming reopening of Preschool and Kids Ministries. Please check back here before planning your return.  


Remember, stay home and worship with us online if you...

1) are sick, have a fever, are not feeling well, or have any of the CDC designated symptoms of COVID-19

2) have been exposed to COVID-19 in the last 14 days

3) are at elevated risk for COVID-19 or a COVID-19 related illness


Safety Measures

1) We're asking everyone to wear a mask, and our volunteers and staff will wear masks to protect you.
To help provide the safest environment possible, we're asking all of us to use masks until we're at our seats and more than 6 feet from those not in our household. Masks should be re-applied before leaving our seats.  

2) We're checking temperatures to prevent accidental spread of the virus.
At each of our campuses, we'll use a contactless thermometer to take everyone's temperature, including all staff and volunteers. We want to avoid any of us coming on campus and unintentionally infecting others. The CDC defines a fever as 100.4° F.   

3) We'll adhere to social distancing protocols.
We'll maintain 6 feet of distance from those not in our family. 

4) We'll thoroughly clean before and after every worship service.
Our crew will sanitize the surfaces for our safety.

5) Hand sanitizer stations will be available throughout our lobbies.
We should all clean our hands often. 

6) We'll help families sit together, maintaining at least six feet from the nearest family or individual.
Please allow the ushers to help you find a seat, and follow instructions on the signage.

7) We'll greet you with a wave, but for your safety, we'll avoid contact (handshakes, hugs, fistbumps etc.)
We'll be practicing our "air fives."

8) For your safety, we won't pass an offering plate.
Offering boxes are available throughout our worship venues.

The people of Cross City have responded well to every challenge throughout this extended season, and we'll continue to evaluate conditions every week and make safety adjustments as needed. Reopening each of our ministries remains a priority, and we'll prayerfully move forward when the timing is appropriate. In the meantime, let's stay close to the Lord, stay safe, and remember that we're in this together. 

NextGen Remains Closed 

Until August 16, in-person ministry for preschool, kids, and students remains suspended. Families are encouraged to attend worship services together. 


Online services continue

We'll continue to offer online services, so you can worship from home until you feel that it is safe to return. Join us every week from wherever you are by clicking here

Arrival Instructions

Get information on the service you plan to attend.  


8:30 AM: Traditional (worship center) 

11 am: Worship (worship center)

11 am: International (room 100)


Connection Groups Remain Online

Our Connection Groups continue to meet online. We're actively making plans for returning to in-person meetings. Continue to stay connected to your groups, and if you don't have a group, click here to join a discovery group.