Safety Measures

Reopening plans and how we're keeping each other safe

COVID-19 Precautions and Safety

The CDC has updated its guidance for COVID-19 safety. As a result of the recently issued federal, state, and local guidance on resuming normal activities, we are modifying our policies for church activities.

  • A mask or shield is required when speaking to someone who is wearing a mask or shield
  • Masks or shields are not required for normal activities (as long as you are not speaking to someone wearing a mask or shield)
  • We will still have a mask-only section in each venue for those who are more comfortable around others wearing a mask

Please remember that it takes all of us to create an environment where people feel safe and welcome, and we recommend that all continue to follow CDC guidelines for the safety of others. Let’s respect those who may continue to have health concerns by keeping a mask with us and using it when needed. It's a gift to be together, and let's do everything we can to protect each other and those looking to return to in-person worship. 

As we continue to move ahead, we’ll modify our safety measures in ways that keep us safe, remove barriers, and accommodate as many needs as possible. 

Safety measures

Remember, stay home and worship with us online if you...

  1. are sick, have a fever, are not feeling well, or have any of the CDC designated symptoms of COVID-19
  2. are in the quarantine period for COVID-19 according to CDC guidelines
  3. are at elevated risk for COVID-19 or a COVID-19 related illness

How we're keeping each other safe

  • We'll provide hand sanitizer.
  • We'll clean before and after each service and connection group meeting.
  • In worship, we won't pass an offering plate. Offering boxes are available throughout our worship venues.
  • For preschool and kids, we will serve only pre-packaged snacks. Adults will serve snacks while wearing gloves. 

What you can do

  • Follow CDC designated guidelines for quarantine after exposure to COVID-19
  • Stay home and follow CDC-designated guidelines for isolation if you are showing symptoms of COVID-19. 
  • Wash your hands often and utilize hand sanitizing stations.
  • Follow posted safety signage throughout campus.
  • Please do not send food/snacks for children, except for bottles/"sippy cups" for infants.


Contact Tracing

One of the biggest ways we protect against the spread of the virus is to quarantine if we're sick or have been exposed to COVID-19. We're helping each other out by self-reporting when we get positive test results. Our team will NOT share your name, but will contact people that might have been affected. Click below to report your positive test, and help protect others at Cross City and beyond. 

Report a Positive Test