August 9, 2020 | A Chapter of Deliverance

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Series: The Chronicles of Joseph

Category: Sunday Morning

Preacher: John Meador

This series focuses on Joseph, a young man who became an incredible leader through a very difficult journey of life. It’s clear in Scripture that God is intensely interested in growing each of us as individuals. In a time of sheltering-in and greater solitude, have you noticed that God is teaching you and growing you in unique ways?The life of Joseph is a story of how God worked on one man to prepare him for the greatest impact in the world at that time. It’s a story of thrilling dreams, devastating disappointment, exhilarating temptation and solitary suffering. It’s a story of the agony of defeat, but also the thrill of victory. It’s the story of all of us to some degree. Joseph is a man that was willing to weather this rigorous process – and he saw the fruit of God’s work in the end. This study will be a challenge for each of us – because we will see how God works in a solitary, individual life to prepare them for the future.