January 10, 2021 / Cross City Core Values - Part One / Euless

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Series: Twenty-One United

Category: Sunday Morning

Preacher: John Meador

Real people finding real hope and experiencing real life has a deep meaning to us at Cross City. It’s the story of us. It’s the process we’re going through and the process we want others to go through as well. At the heart of it is the word REAL, which is an important distinction to us. We hear constantly about people trying to “live their best life.” People will seek it, but since God designed us to be in relationship with Him, we’ll never find the best life until we find the only source of real life out there! It’s in HIM! So this word “real” is how we start, and it leads us to our core statements and strategy. We must start by being authentic, genuine, caring people who realize relationships with our God and with those around us.