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Discover real life with us!

Come find inspiration with us as you grow your faith!  In the Cross City Adult Ministry, you’ll discover classes, events, and activities that can help you move forward spiritually while supporting a sense of family and belonging. Friendships matter, and the relationships we have shape our lives. Connection Groups are here to help you build connections that move you forward in your faith. Come check out all the ways to get invovled, and jump in with us!

Community counts

We all are built for relationships, and you’ll see that from the start at Cross City. Connection Groups, community service projects, mission trips, and Equip Classes are just a few of the things we do, and relationships are at the core of all of it. We also have fun! Throughout the year, we’ll take fun trips, host times to be together, play games, and enjoy lunches with guest speakers. The word “together” has great value to us!

Connecting the generations

You’ll find every generation at our church! No matter what generation you belong to, you’ll belong here. While we focus on the needs at each phase of life, we’re intentional about doing life together without generational division. Join us for a Bible Study, Connection Group, or activity and you’re likely to find someone like you.

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Connection Groups

We're made for relationships

Wired to do life together

In God’s Word, we see the concept of relationships from the very beginning.  He didn’t intend for us to be alone on this journey! He wants us to grow together and find joy in the relationships we build along the way. Our goal is to help you grow in your relationships with each other while discovering the real life God has for us! 

Join a group today

One of the best ways to grow in your relationship with the Lord and each other is through Connection Groups! Connection Groups meet regularly to explore the Bible and help each other grow. Check the Connection page to find the group that’s right for you! 


Everyone has a next step

Grow your faith through Equip! Once Christ changes your life, you begin a new journey. You trade in what you used to pursue and instead make it your life goal to know Him. He offers REAL, amazing life! Every step you take closer to Him helps you experience that life in new ways. Whether you have been following Jesus for five days or fifty years, you can take your next step in Equip.

Build a stronger marriage.

Your marriage can thrive! We believe that the best marriages keep Christ at the center and have great support! Whether you are seriously dating, engaged, newly married, or have been married for decades, Cross City can partner with you to build lifelong relationships with each other and Christ. Join us for one of our marriage events, conferences, or date nights, and check out mentoring and our marriage-focused classes, too! Let’s work together to build a lasting marriage. 


Share life

Life was meant to be shared! Come find how much the Cross City family care for each other—and for YOU! Being single certainly does NOT mean being alone. Start by checking out our connection groups and choose the one that best fits you. 


What's your legacy?

We have many fun opportunities at Cross City for people of all ages, but the 65+ ministry probably has the MOST fun! While you’ll love celebrating, traveling, or just spending time with the people of Cross City, who we are runs much deeper.  

One of our favorite words is “legacy.” We strive to keep moving forward, knowing that others follow our lead. What is your legacy? Shape it with us!

Discover new friendships

Pastor John Meador says, “People are not just looking for a friendly church, but actually looking for friends.” Our Connection Groups focus on building friendships while reaching our families, communities, and world for Jesus Christ.  Come make new friends at Cross City!  You will be glad you did!



Mark your calendar for these upcoming events. These are great opportunities for Cross City Students to grow in their faith and experience REAL life!

October 7, 2024 | 12:00 AM
September 27, 2024 | 12:00 AM
December 2, 2024 | 12:00 AM
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Lead and Serve

Help lead by serving!  Our wonderful directors, teachers, and SO many other volunteers make Cross City a great place to connect and grow! Join the team!

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