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Foster and Adoption

Everyone can do something!

There are approximately 350,000 churches in the United States, and about 100,000 children who are looking for adoptive homes. That’s one child for every three churches! The Cross City Foster and Adoption Ministry strives to provide all the support and resources that families need when they are called to open their homes to children looking for adoptive or foster homes. 

Supporting Families

We support families at every step of the foster/adoption journey by supplying information, guidance, financial help, support from other adopting/fostering families, community events, and more.

Supporting Mothers

We support expectant mothers and want to ensure that no mother has to walk alone! Within the Foster and Adoption Ministry, mothers can find support, resources, information, a church family, and a celebration of their brave journey!


Everyone has a part to play! Discover ways to be involved in fostering and adoption below. 


Sign up to serve as a respite giver—helping foster or adoptive families with things like laundry, dinner, or babysitting. Or, support our expectant mothers who have chosen life by helping with a baby shower! We encourage you to pray, “God, what’s my something?” Every gift or talent can be used in some way for the good of the whole!


Has God blessed you with something that allows you to financially support foster and adoptive care efforts? Please consider giving to our adoption fund, which provides financial support for those considering adoption, or giving directly to our ministry.

Adopt or Foster

If you are called to open your home to a foster or adoptive child, we are here to help you! Talk to some of our families who have been through the process, find community with families who are walking the same journey, talk through the financial resources available, and let us pray for you!

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