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There's a ministry for you...

Ministry is what we do here! You’ll find that Cross City people genuinely care for you and are willing to show you. The minsitry that we do is expansive! Take a look below, and see how you can benefit from AND get involved in mininstry. 

So, what is a ministry?

A ministry is a way that we serve others to help them grow closer to God or each other. Just about everything we do can be called “ministry,” so this list is pretty comprehensive. Below, you’ll find different types of ministries, like those focused on a particular stage of life or specific need. Take a look, and chances are, you’ll find something that will apply to you! 

Focused Ministries


Birth-Grade 6

Kids will have unbelieveable fun learning how much God loves them.


Grade 7-12

Students, discover how incredible life can be when you find purpose and relationships that matter!


Find your place

Discover ways you belong at Cross City through the adult ministry!

Single Adults

All Ages

Discover the joy of connecting with people who truly care!


Strenthen your faith

Strengthen your faith through fun and Bible studies focused on men. 


Discover new connectons

Find ways to take your next step alongside other ladies. 


Use your gifts to lead others

If you love music and love to worship God, find out how you can get involved!

Ministry Groups

Financial Freedom
Never worry about money again

See what it’s like to live in financial freedom. You can get out of debt, be more generous, and prepare for the future.

First Fitness
Get fit and learn self-defense

Get physically and spiritually healthy as you progress through martial arts milestones.

Link coming soon
Foster and Adoption
Open hearts, open homes

Find support as you open your home and heart.

Veterans Ministry
Serve with those who served

Connect with others who have served to defend our country.

Link coming soon
Widow Ministry
Find care when you need it

Connect with people who can serve and support you. 

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